We are the experts

Management hand selects each waxologists to ensure they share the same burning passion for people, customer service, and waxing as we do. Every waxologists endures weeks of training on live models to perfect their technique and learn to speed wax. Our technique is quick, efficient, and painless to ensure each guest consistently receives a high quality wax treatment. All waxologists wax with the same technique so no matter which technician you choose, you will find consistency within all of our waxologists. Each waxologists handles each client's needs discreetly and all intimate hair removal maintenance matters with the utmost professionalism. Unwanted ingrown hairs are problematic for many people, at Waxlab we educate our guests on why they are getting ingrown hairs, and provide retail products to treat and prevent ingrown hairs and breakouts. Our staff is dedicated to providing a memorable experience for our guests where customers feel valued & appreciated in a luxurious, clean, and comfortable environment.

We Invest in your Comfort:

Waxlab does retail a topical numbing cream for $25 for clients new to waxing or guests who wish to make their waxing experience more comfortable. This topical numbing cream is especially ideal for but not limited to bikini waxing as well as Brazilian waxing.  The analgesic numbing cream is safe on your skin and can be applied to multiple body surfaces prior to waxing. Guests must apply the cream 30 minutes prior to their waxing service for the product to safely numb your skin. Which is why we advise first time guests to arrive 30 minutes prior to their wax treatment to allow enough time for application of the product and to fill out our new client consent forms. The product will not stain any clothing, but it is advised to wash your hands immediately after application.