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4375 Southside Blvd Ste 11, Jacksonville, FL 32216


Waxlab is the only waxing studio  in Jacksonville to retail a topical anesthetic numbing cream available for purchase. We take great pride in creating the most comfortable waxing experience by providing a unique pain free speed waxing technique but Numb Master is a great way to alleviate discomfort even more! Numb Master contains 5% Lidocaine which is the strongest over the counter amount available. The cream does need to be applied at least 20 minutes prior to the service for it to be effective. Each cream should last at least four applications depending on the treatment area.We will comfortably get you bare everywhere! ​



Waxlab is a full body waxing studio and the first to offer a luxurious guest experience. We offer a luxurious guest experience unlike any other in Jacksonville Florida because we have a contemporary studio that embodies a sophistication within the waxing industry. Not only does our facility look luxurious but we view waxing as an “experience” not just a service. It is our mission at waxlab to provide an exceptional overall guest experience. We set high expectations for our valued employees by hiring professionals who always put guests’ comfort first. Our chic facility is employed by highly trained and licensed waxologists who provide not just a service but an “experience” for our valued guests every wax, every time!


Waxlab is dedicated to a medical grade level of cleanliness. We thoroughly disinfect each treatment room in a three step process after every client. All tools and instruments are thoroughly sanitized and each wax stick is discarded after a single use. We do not double dip or recycle used wax sticks. All waxologists wear latex free gloves to perform every service. With our guests’ safety in mind every treatment room is immaculately cleaned, organized, and sanitized after every guest.

Why Us
  • We are the first waxing studio in Jacksonville to retail a topical anesthetic cream which contains 5% lidocaine to create an even more comfortable waxing experience. 
  • Body waxing is our specialty, it’s the only service we provide, we are the experts!
  • Our licensed waxologists are extensively trained in a comfort specific technique to provide the most comfortable waxing experience for our guests. 
  • We exclusively use a premium European wax that is designed to gently but effectively remove unwanted hair while leaving the skin gently exfoliated.   
  • Every treatment room is sanitized in a 3 step process after every single service to ensure we adhere to a strict sanitation protocol.

Why Wax

Waxing removes the hair from the root damaging the follicle causing your hair to grow back finer, sparser, and minimizes skin irritation. Waxing over time with a consistent regiment damages your hair follicle causing your hair to grow back less and less over time. Waxing provides smooth beautiful skin for weeks in comparison to shaving that typically only days.